Weekly Re-cap

These weekly updates will be a lot more interesting when I’m in Japan doing stuff. At least I hope so. These days as I’m in transition things are a little quiet on the news front. But here’s a brief re-cap of the week anwyay:

I finished my TESL course work on Monday. My visa came Tuesday. Also Tuesday, I had my last lesson with Haruka, my Japanese tutor here on the home front. I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends; in fact I’ve been out every night this week which is very unusual for me. It’s that bittersweet time of looking forward and looking back, of packing and planning and saying goodbyes. Oh yeah, and Christmas time too. In all the busyness of going away I’ve hardly thought about Christmas — but yes, I have done my shopping.

Next week, I’ll be spending Christmas with the family, and then traveling to Bangor, Maine on Thursday. Friday morning I fly from there, to Detroit, to Nagoya. It’ll be around 6 PM Japan time when I arrive on Saturday (but only 5 AM back here in NB). Then my new life, adventures, learning and ministry begin as I ring in the new year in Japan.

This site will probably be pretty much dormant next week. But I’ll try to post an update soon after I arrive in Japan. Till then: merry Christmas, happy New Year, and thanks for being a part of my Japanese adventures!


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