Weekly Re-cap

I’m writing today from my friends’ house in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here’s some bullet points re-capping the week in life and ministry-related stuff:

  • My Certificate of Eligibility arrived yesterday, basically meaning I’ve got the OK to work in Japan.
  • Since I finally had my COE, I mailed my visa application this morning. Should be back to me in less than two weeks. Here’s hoping.
  • I posted a new podcast last night (see previous post).
  • I’ve started the final module of my TESL course. Should be wrapped up by next week.
  • I’ve got a quote in my email inbox for a plane ticket to Nagoya (from Bangor ME, through Detroit MI) for a really good price, and I’m pretty sure I’ll book it; it’s got me flying out on the 28th.
  • My car is for sale. I’ve also got an Apple iBook G3 for sale, if anyone wants a slightly old but still good laptop computer. Also lots of comics, mostly Marvel, from the 90’s. There’s lots of stuff I’ll need to leave behind, so might as well pawn some off.
  • I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas at home and New Years in Japan!

That’s a wrap for this week; see you next time.


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