Weekly Re-Cap

Another week has come and gone (more or less) and here we are again, wrapping things up with the Weekly Re-Cap. I don’t have too much to report this week (of course, I’ve said that before and written several paragraphs, so maybe I should just scratch that). Support levels have gone up a notch or two, and the good news is I’m out of the teens. I’m pursuing some new contacts, but the bad news is I haven’t gotten anything booked yet. This weekend I’m away doing ministry, but it’s not a team building thing, though one never knows what might happen.

I’m really looking forward to the day when these Re-Caps can be about what I’m learning and what God’s doing rather than all about support raising. On the other hand, God’s doing stuff in the here and now; maybe I just need to pay more attention.

Meanwhile, hits to the blog were up this week. My anime post from the other day got me some unexpected extra traffic. Maybe I need to do more writing here that’s not directly related to my ministry. This could be a good place to digest and memorialize what I’m learning about life, culture, Japan and so on… So yeah, hopefully I can get into the habit I’d planned on: Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts, every week. More when I’m in Japan — if there’s time.

I guess that’s a wrap.


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