Weekly Re-Cap

This was a pretty quiet week, so I don’t have much to re-cap, but I thought I should at least “check in”.

Support levels haven’t moved much this week, but I do have some “maybes” and even some “yeses” that I’m still waiting on official commitments from. I have a speaking engagement Sunday morning here in Fredericton, but after that my schedule is wide open. I’m having trouble booking anything, and not even sure where to look, but hopefully I can see some new doors open up next week.

I finished Module 2 of my TESL training this week. I’d hoped to be well into Module 3 by now, but that’s okay. Right now I’m averaging about 10-12 days per unit, which I guess isn’t bad. I’ve got six months to do it, and there are only 5 units total. I’d still like to have it all done before I get to Japan though.

Speaking of getting to Japan, I’ve continued to correspond with some Immanuel Church contacts there. My Certificate of Eligibility is on the way. Once I get that I can apply for a visa… But (and I may have mentioned this before) once I get the visa I have to enter Japan within 3 months. I guess that gives me till mid-February, even if I have my visa as early as mid-November. But still, so much is uncertain I’ll be a little leery about applying too soon. Where does caution end and faith begin in this situation? I’m not sure…

Again, speaking of getting to Japan, I’d said before that I hope to be there by the end of November. The Nagoya church is telling me that mid-December is the earliest they can house me, though. This is actually probably a good thing, as we’re already into November now, and even if my support raising is finished in the next couple of weeks, there are a lot of little things to do between now and departure.

I’m off to Sussex tonight. In fact, I may even leave this afternoon. BBC (where I graduated from) is hosting it’s big, annual senior high youth event. I’m not going for the event itself but to visit some friends. Should be fun, and I have a few people to corner about supporting me as well, so it could be productive too…

I ended up having more to say than I’d thought I would. Enough for now, though. That’s a wrap.


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