Weekly Re-Cap

Here’s a random re-cap of the past week, and a look at the weekend to come:

1. This week I’ve gotten most of Module 1 of my TESL course finished. I have one more assignment left, which I hope to get done today.

2. One of the assignments was to interview a non-native English speaker about his/her experience in learning the language. I interviewed Haruka, my Japanese tutor. We talked about cultural differences between Japan and Canada, as well as the assigned stuff, because I was recording it for the podcast. So I’ve got the next episode lined up and should have it edited and posted soon (maybe next week). Should be a good one, too.

3. Last weekend and this week I’ve had some unexpected additions to my support, so things are continuing to progress nicely. Still waiting on a lot of “maybes”, too.

4. I received an email this week from the pastor I’m going to be working with in Nagoya. I was pretty excited about that because up until now my only communication with him has been through others.

5. Realistically, it looks like it will probably be the new year before I get to Japan. But I’m praying for miracles so I can get there sooner! It would be great to be on my way in late November. Let’s pray that my support comes in on time. Pray, too, for my visa application, that it doesn’t take too long — or finish too soon (if I get it and can’t go within 3 months, it expires and I have to start over).

6. I’ve been having a good week with my Japanese studies. I feel motivated and like I’m actually getting somewhere (this is not always the case).

7. It seems like I’m coming to the end of my church contacts. Seems like I’ve been everywhere that’ll have me, and I’m not sure where to look for future bookings. The next couple of weekends are booked but after the second week of November thing’s are looking pretty quiet. I’m praying that some new doors will open — or that I won’t need them to!

8. This weekend I’m in Nova Scotia, where I’m visiting a couple of churches and sharing my vision for ministry in Japan. Let’s pray for a safe and productive journey.

Thanks for stopping by. That’s a wrap for this week.


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