Photo of the Week

This week’s photo is borrowed again from Andrew at Andy is a photographer (among other things) from the US but currently based in Tokyo. I’ve not met him but we’ve connected through his websites, and he’s been kind enough to let me use some pics. He obviously does some great work, and brings a good cross-cultural perspective as well. So I’d definitely recommend checking out his site.

Photosensibility features great shots and thoughts not just from Japan but other parts of Asia as well. His old site, Japan Window is worth checking out, too.

Next week’s photo, which I’ll be posting in advance momentarily, will be the last one I’m stealing from Andy. After that I’ll start digging through my old ones for stuff worth sharing. Other than these two photos, updates to the blog may be rare this week and next, as I’ll be traveling. But I’ll be sure to bring you some news when I’m settled in at home again.

In the meantime, why not scroll down and check out the latest podcast if you haven’t already? If you have (or once you have) I’d love to get some feedback, so feel free to drop a comment.


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