Weekly Wrap-Up

Well another week has come and gone (yeah I know it’s only mid-day Friday, but it’s pretty much gone), so it’s time for another wrap-up. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to this week, as well as a look at things to come…

  • I did a new Podcast episode (see previous post) this week.
  • Support totals have gone up a little more (see Support Info page) this week. I need only about $23,000 in Faith Promises (Yes I said only. It’s all relative, really.) — that’s less than 100 people at 20 bucks a week — could you be one of those people?
  • I’m getting ready for a trip to Ontario and Quebec next weekend. First I’ll be in Shawville, QC, for the weekend of September 30, and then onto Ottawa, ON, where I’ll hang out for the week, do some meetings, visit some friends and family, and then do at least one service on October 7. I’m still waiting to hear back from one church about a booking, but it should be a full week anyway. I’ve actually never been to Ottawa, so that’ll be cool, both because it’s our nation’s capitol and because I have so many connections there. Never been to Shawville, either, now that I think of it.
  • Before going on that trip, though, I’m taking a shorter trip to my own district’s Ministerial. Looking forward to that.
  • Still waiting on my TESL course materials. Hopefully they’ll be in next week, though it looks like I’ll be a little busy the next couple of weeks anyway.
  • I’ve been enjoying this less-busy time lately, and the opportunity to be home for a change. I am looking forward to getting back on the road, though. Sometimes being at home can make me restless — I’m not used to it anymore! And getting on the road again will mean making new connections and (hopefully) gaining new prayer and financial partners. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to having all the team building done and getting myself to Japan. Hopefully I can wrap it up this fall; it would be great to be in Japan before the snow flies!

Wow, I had more to say than I thought. ‘Nuff said for now then. See you next week.


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