Another Update From the Road

I’m done at Beulah Camp, and have spontaneously taken a trip to Halifax to visit some friends for a few days. Tuesday I’ll be home. Wednesday I’ll be hitting the road for Ontario and then to the US for more team building. As I said to my friend today, I’m away so much that when I am at home I don’t know what to do with myself!

Camp meeting and conference went well. I took in some great preaching and got to catch up with some good old friends as well. I was able to connect with some pastors I needed to talk to, and with some current and potential supporters, too. And I had the opportunity to talk about my ministry to Japan during the Missions Moment of the Wednesday night worship service.

I have made some progress in my support team building. I now have about $33,636 remaining. At $30 a month per person, it would take only about 93 people to get there. I’d appreciate your continued prayers as I raise these faith promises. I’d also appreciate it if you’d consider helping me reach that goal with your giving. Check out the Support page for more.


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