Prayer Letter & MTI News

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to you tonight from Indianapolis, Indiana, where I’ve been attending Missionary Training Institute. MTI is part of the preparation Global Partners provides their new missionaries with before sending them to the mission field. It’s been a great week of learning and discussing missions and related issues.

One highlight, of course, has been getting to know so many other missionaries. There were around 30 of us here this week, making us the largest group of people ever to attend a single MTI in Wesleyan history! It’s been exciting to hear everyone’s stories and to get a glimpse of the vision God is giving each one. It’s been encouraging, too, to be reminded of the great big team I’m a part of as a GP missionary.

Several of the MTI participants have already left for home now; those of us in the career and intern tracts are here for another two weeks. Please pray for us as we continue to learn and grow together as missionaries.

I’d also ask that you pray for my upcoming summer travels and continued support raising. Please pray for more opportunities to share my vision, and for more churches and individuals to join my team. In addition, I’ve been having some car troubles lately, and am soon going to have to decide whether to repair or to replace my car (fortunately I flew to Indy so the car wasn’t an issue for this trip). Either way, I need God to provide.

Thanks for your continued prayer, support and interest in my ministry to Japan! Please check my website in the coming days and weeks for more news from MTI and updates on my support raising.


– robin


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