Welcome to JapanLog

Welcome to JapanLog, and thanks for stopping by. Those of you who know me well know that this has been a long time coming. It’s been almost 2 1/2 years since I my first time in Japan, and I’m looking forward to getting back. I’m excited that the wheels are in motion and that Japan is “officially” in my sights.

In the future I plan to post updates here on the blog about my support raising progress, and about my ministry when I get to the field. I hope you’ll come back often to share the journey with me.

For now, follow the links for more about my ministry, and please prayerfully consider joining my team. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks and God bless,

– robin


4 thoughts on “Welcome to JapanLog

  1. ThoughtsfromJoseph

    Konichiwa Robin san! Count me in as one of your team members. Japan is a wonderful place and the need is great. I was there with YWAM in 1995 rebuilding churches and houses after the earthquake that rocked Kobe. I look forward to hearing about and watching God use you as you head West or East, you know, the land of the rising Sun. Blessings Man!

  2. Sween

    It would be sweet if you gained some ninja skills and came back to save Fredericton from crime lords and stuff… kinda like Batman


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